My Installed Firefox Addons

Last updated: 07-Jan-2014

My favourite Firefox Addons.

  • Adblock Plus:The best tool anti-advertising. + Extra filter lists
  • Adblock Plus Element Hiding Helper: If Adblock was not enough, welcome the definitive addon for it: Select HTML elements (including attributes) to hide!
  • CacheViewer: Fast and easy way of tanking a look at your browser cache.
  • EPUBReader: Use Firefox to easily read epub files and ebooks.
  • FireFTP: A complete FTP client inside your browser!
  • Ghostery: Block trackers, ads, beacons... Like an adblock but on steroids
  • GMail Notifie: Stop needing to keep an open GMail tab, and get desktop notifications like Chrome's.
  • iMacros: Record, edit and playback macros to automate most actions you perform in webpages.
  • Live HTTP Headers: If you need to check, edit or replicate HTTP headers, this is your addon.
  • URLParams: Shows and allows you to alter GET/POST url parameters in a sidebar.

For a few links on how to tune-up your Firefox browser, check my post on Tweaking Firefox.

To activate H.264 support on the browser (no codec done, decoding performed by the guest OS, right now Win7+), set to true the key:

And if you, prefer FireBug to the default FFox inspector, you can disable it goig to "about:config" and setting to false the key: devtools.inspector.enabled