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Lone Wolves is B/W comic depicting an ice world, where the remains of an Imperial Guard squadron must survive terrible attacks from the Tyranids. When everything seems lost, a pack of Space Wolves appears to help them. Together they'll try to push forward the alien menace.

Quite interesting comic and for once not the typical Ultramarines chapter. I enjoyed the almost-feral character of the wolves of Fenris. Well written, well drawn and while the story is nothing awesome, it is good enough to keep you entertained. If anything bad, feels a bit short.

Posted 06 July 14 by Kartones

Few weeks ago I was finishing my read of a book about Blizzard and Diablo's history when in the notes section I found the following text:

Soon after the release of WarCraft: Orcs & Humans in late 1994, many gamers picked up on the similarities between Blizzard's RTS and Warhammer, a tabletop game created by Games Workshop where players arranged painted figurines and engaged in turn-based battles.

Warhammer's influence was massive.There were lots of people at Blizzard who played Warhammer and they were obviously heavily influenced by it.

During the course of development - and this didn't happen beforehand; it was somewhere along the way - Allen [Adham] proposed that we license the Warhammer IP so the game woudln't be WarCraft, but Warhammer. That was met with a negative reaction because a lot of us felt we would lose control of the game.

Several years after WarCraft was done, my dad came back from a trip to Asia. He brought back this really cool skeleton chariot. it was a chariot drawn by some skeletal horses. And he said, "I found this really cool thing in Asia, and they totally ripped of Warcraft!"

It said Warhammer on the bottom, and I said, "Oh, yeah, um, not exactly..."
-Pat Wyatt

So, almost in the lines of previous texts I have found (I & II), confirming the influence but also sustaining that the failed negotiations were not before WarCraft's inception.

Posted 01 June 14 by Kartones

I'm slowly progressing with the Imperial Knight. Everything except the arms has the basecoat, head is fully painted, parts of the hull metallized and I'm working on the shoulders and upper caparace.

Apart from the lack of free time, my main problem is that (at least my paint tin) painting gold is really tiresome. It needs around 4 or 5 layers to be fully opaque. Still, I'm happy with how is looking and I prefer to go slow but leave it as I please.

Imperial Knight painting

I finally put to play today most of my X-Wing boardgame ships collection. We did a 3 vs 2, 100 points battle and I loved the rules, especially how you must guess enemy movements and plan accordingly your paths. I like the painted miniatures a lot, but using them also has felt so good.

X-Wing boardgame

I also got as a gift from my friend Vicente the awesome Battletech Introductory Box Set :_) Combined with the minis from the 90s version that I have, quite a good mech force to play games!

Battletech Introductory Box Set

I've been also reading a few comics so more reviews will come soon.

Posted 17 May 14 by Kartones

The WoD MMORPG was recently cancelled, and few weeks later details of the playtesting are leaking out.

There are two sets of screenshots: I & II.

And also has been leaked a testers manual dating march 2014.

From the article and peeking at the PDF, it looked like a way too typical and basic MMO, with small tweaks like ghouls for NPC control, but in general everything as usual: Guilds (broods), skill trees, XP, missions, contested zones...

While this doesn't has to be exactly bad, when you come from a so rich RPG as Vampire you need to provide more than just what somebody else does in a nice setting. This shouldn't be a typical hack'n slash "vampire version", but something deeper and more complex. In fact I don't know how a "proper CRPG" Vampire videogame should be, maybe is just not the proper platform.

Anyway, at least CCP noted they weren't going the good way and stopped before a complete retail disaster.



Source: Rock, Paper, Shotgun


UPDATEQuite detailed insider details of how CCP's terrible management killed the game. 

Posted 01 May 14 by Kartones
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As my spare time becomes more scarce and I prefer to write fewer blog posts but with more interesting content (at least more focused and containing less offtopic clutter), it's been quite a few months since I posted something about my painting progress or CRPG related entries.

As a summary, that I will probably do again in the future, this is more or less all what I've been doing:


D&D Castle Ravenloft: Not much to say, we played the first missions, it is interesting but hard to win the bad guys!

Our ongoing Risk Legacy campaign: Finished battle 9, really cool how the game develops, and still way to go until the map "becomes fixed".

Descent 2nd edition: I liked it so much I bought the base game. Expansions seem a bit meh, until I get tired of the base game I doubt will buy anything else.

Flash Point: A collaborative game where up to 6 firemen try to save 7 people from a house while fire and smoke spreads and causes explosions.


Braverly Default: I'm loving it. Same as Final Fantasy series are dead (last games being a disgrace), this is a nice spiritual successor, combining Final Fantasy III job system with summonable friend special moves and combat tweaks, plus configurable difficulty setting and encounter %. And lovely graphics. Did I already say I'm enjoying it a lot?

Zelda: A link between worlds: I was reluctant to play this because the 2D Link wasn't appealing, but I tried and I actually like a lot the puzzles, but I agree on the general consensus that it is quite easy. I haven't finished it yet, but due to lack of time.

Project X Zone: More tactical than RPG, it's very similar to Final Fantasy Tactics but with simpler "fighting-like" battles.

Diablo 3 expansion: Now it finally is a roguelike and action house went to hell, so has become what it should have been two years ago.

Warhammer Quest on iOS: Along ALL expansions, and now I'm playing the additional characters, so you can imagine how much I like this game. One of the best purchases for my iPad, it's so great to have a "portable WHQ" even for holidays.

Space Hulk: One of my big dissapointments, and not due to the game itself, because the mechanics are so nicely replicated, but due to the mess of technical issues and bugs that come and go on most game updates. From neverending turns to glitches, sound muting or crappy 3D performance (I recently updated my graphics card, which makes the situation even more absurd), if the game worked tecnhically correct it would be great.
Also the DLC plague made it a "just buy the basic game, and if on sale, better" approach.

Shadowrun Returns: After finishing the main game, how with the Berlin campaign/addon free for being a backer I'm having more netrunning and turn-based combat. I still have my hopes in the fan-made content for the long term, but even without it is a nice old-school like RPG.

Fire Emblem: Awakening: This was a cool strategy-RPG mix, that hooked me to my 3DS for weeks. I pumped 30+ hours to finish the main story and didn't managed to do every side-quest and character sub-plot, so it can become a really long game if you want.


Not much, although I'm reading a lot of Warhammer 40,000 codexes for the lore and background (literally skipping the rules). I must have read around a dozen codexes, along with companion books (new Games Workshop way of squeezing more money, put half of the lore in another book), and of course the books which I still do reviews here.

But no pure RPGs since a while...

Painting & Assembling

I'm still assembling all Deadzone minis, plus a cool Imperial Knight and some unexpected things; GW's new website and the exclusive minis touched my collector weak point so I grabbed my wish list and now have a few more things to take care of.

I'm currently painting the Imperial Knight, and had some started minis pending (some old Rogue trader-era MKVI Space Marines and some Necron basic troops) also on the queue for whenever I want to change a bit.

As usual, with my rate of painting It'll take weeks, but I prefer to go slow but leave it in a decent painting level (decent for my skills, not for normal standards which are way higher).

Apart from normal miniatures, I've finally started painting a Star Trek Enterprise model I had from my trip to Australia a few years ago. I expect to finish it soon as I don't want to ad too many details.

Star Trek Enterprise model

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