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Few weeks ago I received my last pledged kickstarter boardgame, Deadzone from Mantic games. I wanted it mainly because of two reasons:

  1. Necromunda is "deprecated" and forgotten by Games Workshop. Many miniatures are no longer available and those still in stock are expensive, so Deadzone serves as a good source of squads, plus I get to choose if to use Necromunda or Deadzone rules.
  2. I loved the modular scenery idea. Not having any Necromunda-like scenery my scenarios would be quite limited, and with Deadzone I have quite some options now. Some of the miniatures are also quite awesome (Enforcers, some Plague models, Orks/Marauders...) so even if I don't enjoy the rules, I still get quite a few cool minis to paint (some day...).


So, while I wait for the second shipment of the kickstarter (zombie miniatures and the Forge Fathers/Squats 5th faction), I've been busy this days assembling all the scenario and some of the miniatures and this are my thoughts.

First of all, I pledged for a Strike Team. For 150$ you get the starter box (see photo below, Enforcer & Plague factions, scenery, rules, etc.), plus Rebs faction, Marauders faction, a fifth faction (I choose Forge Fathers), some zombies, a nice gaming mat and some extra scenario sprues.

Deadzone starter box contents

All the miniatures and scenario come in hard plastic. No assembly instructions included.

So far, miniatures I've assembled come with some moulds and require a low-to-med amount of cleaning work, but overall are better than Sedition Wars ones. The amount of detail is great, and as expected some of the minis are fantastic. I still have lots of plastic bags to open and assemble but looks near 50 miniatures on the 1st shipment.

Scenario is also hard plastic, in different sprue types containing walls, floor/ceilings, corridors, doors, windowed walls, and accessories like barrels, boxes and ladders. There are also two sprues with the "connectors", small pieces that allow to join walls/bases/barriers either adjancent or with a 90º angle.

This are some photos of most of the buildings I decided to make. The bridges are not glued to any building so I can put them anywhere. I also did some horizontal and U shaped barriers. I used most of the pieces.

buildings assembly

buildings assembly

buildings assembly

buildings assembly

buildings assembly

Regarding the buildings, while there were a lot of sprues, you must decide if to make lots of small buildings, or fewer but bigger or taller ones. I built 4 1x1 small ones, two 2x1, a 3 stories tall one and a "small landing pad" that allows to place a building over it and acts as an elevated building with cover. Plus three barriers and two bridges.

And my main (and almost only) complaint is about the connectors. While the idea is cool, in practice it has some flaws:

  • Sometimes they connect gently, sometimes I needed to push them really hard with a lime. I even broke a long metal lime so imagine the pressure I was applying...
  • They are hard-plastic, but because if the previous issue, it is far from easy to detach them once joined. I broke 3 or 4 this way, and ended up planning a lot every connection before making it.
  • There are way too few of them. In order to make all my desired buildings, I had to only use one connector per "side" instead of two, so the joints are half as firm as they could be. Red areas in the photo below were left without connectors (green areas).
    And despite that optimization, I barely had enough for everything. At least the kickstarter pledge should contain an extra sprue of connectors.
    Also this means you must glue all pieces to improve stability and avoid pieces breaking/unjoining.

buildings assembly


Overall, I'm pretty happy with the results. I now have 5 squads (containing the Escher Necromunda one), lots of scenery and two game rules to apply with them, and I'm still pending more minis.

The base game might be a bit pricey when launches (around 14 miniatures and less building sprues) but I think the kickstarter was worth it.

Mutants have appeared

New playing session today, new battle log.

Things are quite hot lately, so be warned of massive text and visual spoilers.

Just to summarize I'll say that the fourth cover booster was opened and the world capital city has been founded.

We're 6 games from the initial "world winner" but looks some of the missions, scars and resource coins will last more, so planet won't be fully customized until a bit later.

Book cover

The Purging of Kadillus is another book about the Dark Angels, this time combining stories from multiple points of view: Belial (captain of the 3rd company), Boreas (chaplain), Naaman (scout sargeant) and other secondary characters, while they fight a fierce battle with the orks at Piscina IV.

Each chapter tells part of the story from a single point of view, sometimes returning to the same character, sometimes moving on to another. Although the book is just a battle with not so many twists, this multiple angle storytelling makes it more appealing.

Dialogues and action itself are just decent, certainly not the best I've read. I actually had more interest in reading the orks chatting but sadly there are quite few occurrences.

It was an ok read, I will probably read other "Space Marine Battles" books to see if they are better than this one.

Oh, and here the lore about Dark Angels is quite small and barely to fit having DAs instead of other chapter, but at least isn't another Ultramarines story :)

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Book cover

The Emperor's Gift is the fourth full book dedicated to the Grey Knights, after a not too great trilogy.

We follow through the eyes and mind of a "young" GK, Hyperion, who seems to have quite some psychic powers, above the average knights, but also seems a bit hesitant and "thinks too much" instead of just following orders from his superiors.

Some fights against chaos forces will slowly take him to great and unforseen battles with not so good... "happenings".

I quite enjoyed this book, it is well written, has plots, secrets, thought moments, nice action… Also I think here the Grey Knights are properly depicted, as being few but really powerful, and yet only superhuman, not fully invulnerable.

Recommended if you want to expand your lore about the Emperor's finest.

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When I started this blog back in february 2006, I did it more as an online personal diary of my MMORPG and CRPG adventures than to "tell something" to others.

A lot of quests in many different and varied worlds have happened since then, and while the initial (probably few) visits were lost on the migration from Google's Blogger to my blogging community, this blog just recently surpassed the 1 million visits mark.

It is amazing how internet can connect geeks seeking for such a specific and narrow niche content as this one's.

Visit counters are "from the past" but so are many of the coolest miniatures, boardgames and RPGs, so let's stick to what we like from the past and merge it with the present...

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